Before the move

Prior to the move, our team will conduct a thorough survey of your prospective office’s IT and telephony,
and assess your current technology and equipment to evaluate whether they serve your business requirements.

Our process begins with a review of your prospective office building’s IT and telephony infrastructure to examine its availability, readiness and capacity. We conduct an in-depth walk through survey to identify the provisioning of circuits, telephony, server room, mains power supply, workstation, structured cabling and lighting & utilities. Once we complete a thorough evaluation of the new premises using our unique Technology Performance Certification (TPC) process, we give a clear assessment of the suitability of the existing infrastructure to help you understand the time and cost of changes needed.

The second part of our process involves the assessment of your current technology and equipment based on your business’s growth plans and IT initiatives. Your office may not be keeping pace with recent technology advances, therefore is important for you to have a clear idea of the current state of your new office’s infrastructure. This will help you make informed decisions on what to keep, change, replace or discontinue.


From the moment you outline your key IT requirements, we will find the best suppliers and contractors for all technology provisioning and negotiate the best price on your behalf. Our TPC team will provide you with a summary of the final negotiations and recommend the most suitable offer. Once you make a decision, we confirm your orders and contracts, and plan the delivery schedule and ongoing maintenance cover.


KSBC will provide a dedicated consultant to oversee all aspects of the office relocation project, giving you one point of contact for all internal and external parties while ensuring that the project is running on time and within budget.

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