Q2Q Communications

Q2Q Communications office

Q2Q Communications has been a KSBC long-term partner for more than a decade, specialising in organising events and conferences throughout the world.

Growing a small business significantly is a major challenge, but Q2Q Communications has successfully grown from having 5 users to 45 in 10 years. KSBC’s precise and cost effective service delivery was key to Q2Q’s future success and development because KSBC supported its client’s growth initiatives by making the transition period between 3 offices a smooth one. KSBC has also assisted Q2Q’s business growth from the early stages of coming together by giving Q2Q access to experience and IT expertise, objective advice and on-going support to IT related issues.

Q2Q’s Managing Director, Tony Breger, explains more about the KSBC partnership: “We have an excellent business relationship with KSBC. We view KSBC as an extended partner who provides solutions on any IT and Telecommunications issues and service needs. IT is critical to our business and KSBC has helped us be operational from the first Monday morning in our new premises”.

Physically moving IT equipment and installing the telecommunications and data infrastructures is just one part of the office relocation process. At KSBC, we offer full project management planning and address issues arising in the field of ICT. When Q2Q’s internet provider failed to configure internet connection, KSBC intervened to ensure the immediate delivery of this much needed service. Q2Q Communications relies on KSBC’s team expertise for complicated and demanding technology-dependent issues as we are keeping up-to-date with rapidly technological changes in telecommunications and new trends.

Speaking about this partnership, Chris Kwok, KSBC’s Managing Director said: “We build strong relationships with our customers who rely upon us for move management advice and the delivery of flexible and reliable services. We are delighted that the addition of KSBC to Q2Q’s portfolio enables them to continue to operate effectively and meet their customers’ evolving needs”.