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ICB Group

ICB Group is an insurance company that has a long-established relationship with KSBC. Since 1998, KSBC has helped ICB Group to relocate twice, providing business-level IT and telecommunications solutions, as well as technology consulting services for their office moves. ICB Group’s partnership with KSBC was critical to its success as KSBC’s professional move co-ordinators helped to plan and manage the office relocation process cost-effectively and in an efficient manner.

“We have worked with KSBC for 17 years, our IT is completely outsourced and they currently look after 3 offices and 150 staff. We have a trusting relationship with them and working with KSBC provides IT enablement of our business objectives, allowing us to gain the full benefit of IT systems”

Richard Bevins, ICB Group IT Director

KSBC works closely with its clients to understand their requirements and suggest ways of meeting both their needs and budget. Our knowledge and experience enables us to address complicated IT issues related to an office move. An incident, of a sudden occurrence, that ICB Group experienced when moving was BT Openreach’s failure to deliver fibre broadband connection until after 5 months of their programmed office move, causing ICB Group business continuity and leasing property completion problems. Such unexpected incident made our intervention vital as we succeeded in providing an alternative internet solution via another trusted Internet Service Provider.

“KSBC managed to take the stress out of ICB Group’s move within only 30 days and brought to an end a period of unforeseen uncertainty for staff management”, explains Hong Ha, KSBC’s Technical Director.

Mr Bevins adds: “This problem-solving approach works well with ICB Group, that’s why we are delighted to be working with them”.