Complete the move

KSBC will provide a dedicated consultant to oversee all aspects of the office relocation project,
giving you one point of contact for all internal and external parties while ensuring that the project is running on time and within budget.

Office move planning involves the setting and managing of project meetings to manage suppliers and coordinate the various contractors involved. This process can be overwhelming and time-consuming at times, but KSBC can take the move planning and management off your shoulders by liaising with all parties and advising you throughout the move, ensuring deliverables are as planned, schedules are being met and costs controlled. Both external and internal communication is of paramount importance for the move plan and schedule to be implemented successfully.

After the move is completed, we take you through the new IT and telephony installation; provide TPC reports and certifications; and, hand over supplier and contractor sign-off documents.


Prior to the move, our team will conduct a thorough survey of your prospective office’s IT and telephony, and assess your current technology and equipment to evaluate whether they serve your business requirements.

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