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Move management Services

Our move management services our broken down into four main sub-services.


We gather your requirements and make a holistic plan for your move, giving key service activation dates, identifying issues and planning mitigations

Requirements gathering

We gather your requirements and make a holistic plan for your move, giving key service activation dates, identifying issues and planning mitigations.

Carry out TPC Survey

We will visit your chosen, or a selection of potential office to perform a technology survey If you haven't yet made a decision on where to move, we will give recommendations and anticipated costs based on the location. The survey report will be incorporated into the project plan, ensuring that any risks identified at this stage are correctly managed.

Create Project Chart

We will create a live project chart, meaning that you can track the status of your project in real time. We will also provide updates through regular reporting and teleconference or face-to-face meetings as required.


We negotiate service contracts on your behalf to ensure you get the best deal. We aim to offer you at least 3 competitive quotes from suppliers

Supplier identification

We will identify the best providers for you, based on the planning phase, source quotes for you, and contact the most appropriate suppliers for a quote. We will filter the quotes and select a minimum of three to continue negotiations with. The TPC survey in the planning phase often helps here, as it identifies suppliers who already have services in the building, which can drastically reduce costs and timelines.


We will negotiate with each of the providers to ensure that you get the best deal. We have experience in negotiating with all major providers in all of our areas of expertise, so we know appropriate pricing and know when we can push to ask for more.


We will provide you the proposals with our recommendation for the best option. This is of course, only a recommendation and we are happy to proceed with your preferred option based on your budget and specific requirements.


We manage the installation of your equipment, liaising with other contractors to ensure that there is no re-work or unanticipated delays

Before the move

There are many services such as fibre connectivity that require physical presence on-site long before the move weekend. We will send an associate to attend site and ensure that the equipment is installed on schedule, avoiding potentially catastrophic delays.

Leading up to the move

The final few weeks before the move are typically when physical infrastructure such as network cabling, server equipment, and wireless access points are installed. We will attend site to ensure that all equipment is installed professionally and in line with your requirements.

During the move weekend

We will attend during the move weekend as your desktop equipment arrives and the finishing touches are completed. This ensures that any last minute issues can be resolved without disrupting your staff on their first day in the new office.

Day one after the move

We will provide a dedicated associate to attend your office for the first day after your move to ensure that any teething problems or issues can be addressed promptly.


We provide both remote and physical support for all ICT services that we install, tailored to your requirements

Pay-as-you-go Support

We have an option which charges you based on your usage, rather than tying you down to a monthly contract.

Monthly Support

We offer a standard fixed price monthly support contract which can be scaled up or down based on your particular requirements.