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Have you allocated space in your floor plan for the server cabinet?
Have you considered using cloud services to minimise initial equipment and maintenance cost?
Have you planned for an IEC 60309 or ‘Commando’ type power socket for your server cabinet?
Have you considered using a UPS to improve continuity of service during power outages?
Have you created a server rack diagram to plan where all of your equipment will be mounted?
Have you considered the noise that your server equipment may cause and provided insulation or located it away from office areas?
Have you planned adequate security and safety precautions such as fire alarms, locks or CCTV to protect your valuable server equipment and sensitive data?
Have you worked out your cooling requirements to ensure that your equipment will be located in optimal operating conditions? (typically 20-22 degrees C)
Have you reserved rack space for equipment required by connectivity providers? (typically 2-3u)
Have you checked the power requirements for all of your equipment match your capacity?

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